About SpiroDoodle

SpiroDoodle is a drawing program that allows you to draw complex designs with ease. For each stroke applied to the drawing area the pen is copied radially around the area. You can draw with one line, or up to 60. In the iPhone application the maximum line count is 30. Choose from different line thicknesses, different colors, and how many lines to draw.


Here are just a few examples of some interesting designs created with SpiroDoodle.

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Spirodoodle for the iPhone

SpiroDoodle is now on the iPhone.

Instructions for using SpiroDoodle on the iPhone are here.

screenshot instructions

Features on the iPhone:

choose 20 different line thicknesses

draw 1 - 30 lines

random colors

fill with the current color

mirror the lines radially

6 previous colors

hundreds of colors to choose from

save your drawing to the camera roll

undo up to 10 steps


SpiroDoodle for Windows


SpiroDoodle was originally created for Windows. It is now available to download for free. Although it is free, it is still protected by copyright.


Download SpiroDoodle for Windows:

This is a stand-alone executable, which means that after downloading, you can execute the program from the location where you store it.

spirodoodle.exe 400k

(very fast download on about any internet speed)

I have reports that this old version of SpiroDoodle on Windows has some issues with it being slow due to new drawing libraries. I have a version I'm working on that will resolve these issues